Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway
HL2918/1912, 0-4-0ST, "PONY"/"ACHILLES"

The locomotive was built by R. & W.Hawthorn, Leslie & Co.Ltd. for Blyth Harbour Commission. It was known as 'Blyth Docks No.2', it carried its number, B.H.C.No.2 on its saddle tank. In 1971 it was sold to the Yorkshire Dales Railway at Embasy for restoration, where it was named "PONY".

The locomotive made its way to the Great Eastern Railway at County School, Norfolk from the North Norfolk Railway (dates unknown), where it was rebuilt and awarded its 10 year boiler certificate in 1994. In 1996 the railway at County School closed, and the locomotive was purchased, along with another two locomotives, by a private individual.

In 1998 it was sold to the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust and moved to Chatham, where in keeping with Admiralty tradition it was given a name associated with a Royal Navy Ship and named "ACHILLES". This locomotive has since left Chatham, with the nameplates being removed before its departure. The “Achilles” nameplates have since been placed on Peckett 2087 which is based at Mangapps in Essex, but has spent periods on loan to the East Kent Railway at Shepherdswell. Whilst at Chatham the locomotive was named after "H.M.S. ACHILLES" a name carried by 4 Royal Navy Ships.

  • No.1: Was laid down in Chatham Dockyard on the 1st August 1861. It was launched on the 23rd December 1863 and completed on the 26th November 1864. On the 6th January 1891, it was at Plymouth, under repair, and on 3rd March 1891, it was placed into First-Class reserve at Plymouth. In September 1902, it became Base Ship "HIBERNIA".
  • No.2: Was a Duke of Edinburgh class cruiser, built by Sir William Armstrong, Whitworth & Co at Elswick and Walker, on the Tyne and launched on the the 17th May 1905. On the 9th May 1921 the ship was sold for scrap.
  • No.3: Was a Leander class cruiser, built by Cammell Laird at Birkenhead. It was launched on the 1st September 1932, completed on the 6th October 1933 and commissioned at Chatham on the 10th October 1933. On the 5th July 1948, it was sold to the Indian Navy and renamed "DEHLI".
  • No.4: Was a Leander class frigate, built by Yarrow Shipbuilders on the Clyde. It was launched on the 21st November 1968 and completed on the 9th July 1970. On the 1st December 1990, it was sold to Chile and renamed "MINISTRO ZENTENO".

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