Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway
P1903/1936, 0-4-0ST

The locomotive was built by Peckett & Sons Ltd. at their Atlas Works, Bristol, for the South Wales Public Wharf and Transit Company, Penarth.

It is believed the loco was originally called "Merlin", and then later "Little Lady", she currently carries no name.

The loco eventually moved to the Chasewater Railway in around 2002, and then came to Chatham in 2007 for restoration to working order. In October 2010 after years of attempted restoration in various locations, the loco made its first movements under its own power for 46 years. As a part of its re-introduction to traffic, the locomotive undertook a few light engine running-in movements, which apart from a few minor problems were completed successfully.

The locomotive can now been seen hauling demonstration freight trains through the Historic Dockyard, when the railway is running.

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