Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway
Four Wheeled Open Wagon

This wagon is a cast-iron four-wheeled wagon, its dimensions were, overalJ length 4ft 3m, wheelbase 2ft 6in and the wheel diameter 1 ft lin.

The main body of the wagon was a one piece casting dropped onto the axles and secured by bolts beneath the latter.

The upper part of the wagon's platform incorporated a circular groove 2ft 7in in diameter, 4in wide and 1 3i4in deep, into this groove could be dropped balls of 2 1I2in cast iron shot which formed the beal'ing surface for a similar groove [but only 1I4in deep] in the underside of a removable turntable.

This latter component could act as the sUPl>ort for a bolster as both turntable and truck proper incorporated a centTal pivot hole of 1 112 in diameter.

Exclusive of the chequer reliefs on the truck platform and upper part of the turntable, which were about 3/4in deep, the general metal thickness of both truck and turntable was approximately 1in.

These iron wagons could carry relatively heavy loads and the wheels used on them were originally only 9in in diameter in order to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible, one wheel was able to run loose on each axle and this was arranged so that these wheels were diagonaHy opposite one another.

This arrangement facilitated the use of cylindlical rather than coned treads as it dispensed with the need to mitigate the effect of the differential in distances travened on a curve between the wheels at each end of an axle.


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