Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Manning, Wardle & Co. Ltd, 0-4-0ST Works No.424, Built 1872.

Busy bee is the nickname of H.M.S. MANCHESTER, the name being taken from the bees on the ships crest. 3 ships have borne the name H.M.S MANCHESTER.

  1. Was a hired store ship in 1814.
  2. Was a Town-class light cruiser launched in 1937 and lost in service in 1942.
  3. Was a type 42 [batch3] destroyer, launched in 1980.
    It participated in the 1991 Gulf War and was decommissioned in February 2011.

Locomotive similar to BUSY BEE
Although not BUSY BEE, this loco is of very similar design.
©Unknown circa 1872
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