Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Manning, Wardle & Co. Ltd, 0-4-0ST Works No.910, Built 1883.

Between 1695 and 1938, 14 ships have borne the name H.M.S. COMET.

  1. Was a 4-gun bomb vessel built in 1695 and captured by the French in 1706.
  2. Was a 14-gun bomb vessel in use from 1742 to 1759.
  3. Was a Galley used in 1756.
  4. Was a 10-gun brig-sloop in India in 1758.
  5. Was a 10-gun sloop purchased in 1777 and sold the following year.
  6. Was the 10-gun sloop DILIGENCE, converted to a fire ship in 1779 but sold the following year.
  7. Was a fire ship built in 1783 and used in 1800 at Dunkirk Roads.
  8. Was a 18-gun sloop launched in 1807 and sold in 1815.
  9. Was launched in 1822, making her the first steam-powered vessel of the Royal Navy although not added to the Navy List until 1831.
  10. Was a Comet-class sloop launched in 1828, renamed COMUS in 1832 and broken up in 1908.
  11. Was the former H.M.S. THUNDERER, renamed in 1869.
  12. Was a Ant-class flat-iron gunboat launched in 1870 and sold for breaking up in 1908.
  13. Was a Acorn-class destroyer launched in 1910 and sunk by an Austrian Submarine in 1918.
  14. Was a C-class destroyer launched in 1931, renamed RESTIGOUCHE in 1938 and broken up in 1946.

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