Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Vulcan Foundry Ltd. 0-4-2T Works No.838, Built 1878.

3 ships have borne the name H.M.S. IRON DUKE.

  1. Was an Audacious-class ironclad launched on the 1st March 1870 and sold for scrap in 1906.
  2. Was an Iron Duke-class ship, launched on the 12th October 1912. In 1931 the ship was used as a gunnery training ship and sold for scrap on the 2nd March 1946.
  3. Is a Type 23 Duke-class Frigate.
    In 1988 the ship was ordered from Yarrow Shipbuilders and the keel laid down on the 12th December 1988, and launched on the 2nd March 1991.
    The ship was commissioned on the 20th May 1991 and is still in active service.

IRON DUKE shortly after construction.
©Unknown circa 1878
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