Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Vulcan Foundry Ltd. 0-4-2T Works No.1075, Built 1884.

15 ships have borne the name H.M.S. MERCURY, or H.M.S. MERCURE, named after the god mercury of Roman mythology.

  1. Was a 6-gun galley,launched in 1592 and sold in 1611.
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  3. Very little is known about these two ships, number two was launched in 1620 and number three was purchased in 1622.
    The fate of both ships is unknown.
  4. Was a 6-gun advice boat launched in 1694 and captured by a French privateer in 1697.
  5. Was a 8-gun fireship, purchased in 1739 and foundered in 1744.
  6. Was a 16-gun brigantine launched in 1744 and captured in 1745.
  7. Was a 24-gun sixth-rate ship, launched in 1745 and broken up in 1753.
  8. Was a 20-gun sixth-rate ship, launched in 1756 and wrecked in 1777.
  9. Was a 28-gun sixth-rate ship, launched in 1779 and broken up in 1814.
  10. Was a 14-gun sloop, formally a French privateer, captured in 1798 by H.M.S. PHAETON.
    In 1799 it was renamed H.M.S. TROMPEUSE and foundered in 1800.
  11. Was a 14-gun brig, launched in 1806.
    By 1865 it had been converted to a coal hulk. Its fate is unknown.
  12. Was a tender launched in 1807 and broken up in 1835.
  13. Was a 46-gun fifth-rate ship, launched in 1826, from 1861 it was used as a coal hulk until it was sold in 1906.
  14. Was a cutter tender launched in 1837, renamed YC6 in 1866, H.M.S. PLYMOUTH in 1876 and sold in 1904.
  15. Was a Iris-class cruiser and despatch vessel launched in 1878, it was converted to a depot ship in 1906 and sold in 1919.
    It was to have been renamed H.M.S. COLUMBINE in 1912, but this did not happen.

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