Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Manning, Wardle & Co. Ltd. 0-4-0ST Works No.1430, Built 1899.

2 ships have borne the name H.M.S PROMPT.

  1. Was a Albarcore-class, wooden screw gunboat, built by W & H Pitcher at Northfleet and launched on the 21st May 1856.
    The ship was broken up on the 6th May 1864.
  2. Was a United States Algerina-class minesweeper launched on the 30th March 1944.
    This class of minesweeper was named after the first one made.
    It is thought that the name originally came from the Algerine War between Algiers and the United States in the early 19th Century.
    The ship was originally a Royal Canadian Navy vessel [R.C.N. HUNTSVILLE].
    On the 8th May 1945 the ship was damaged by a mine and declared a constructive total loss and broken up in 1947.

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