Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Manning, Wardle & Co. Ltd. 0-4-0ST Works No.1614, Built 1903.

The ship was an aux 3-masted top-sail composite schooner built by Bowdler, Chaffer & Co. at Seacombe, to the design by St.C.Byrne. and equiped with a 64nhp aux 2-cylinder compound steam engine supplied by Laird Brothers of Birkenhead.
The ship was launched at Bowdlers shipyard in 1874.
Between July 1876 and the 26th May 1877, Lord Brassey sailed the ship from Cowes around the world and back.
In 1916 the ship was lent to the Royal Indian Marine as a hospital ship for the Army and later lent to the Admiralty.
During its time with the Admirality the ship took part in the fleet review at Spithead.
In 1930, after several different owners, the ship was sold to Messrs. Thomas Ward Ltd. to be be broken up.

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