Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Dick, Kerr & Co. 0-4-0ST Works No.26, Built 1912.

6 ships have borne the name H.M.S. THISTLE.

  1. Was a 10-gun schooner launched in 1808 and wrecked on the 6th April 1811 on Maransqam Beach, 30 miles south of Sandy Hook, due to an inaccurate chart.
  2. Was a Bold [modified Confounder] design, 12-gun brig.
    It was built by Mrs. Mary Ross of Rochester and launched on the 13th January 1812.
    The ship was broken up in July 1823.
  3. Was a Dapper-class wooden screw gunboat launched in 1855 and broken up in 1863.
  4. Was a Beacon-class composite screw gunvessel, built by Deptford Dockyard and launched on the 25th January 1868.
    In November 1888 the ship was sold to Read of Portsmouth for breaking up.
  5. Was a Bramble-class steel gunboat, built by London & Glasgow at Govan and launched on the 22nd June 1899.
    I was sold on the 13th July 1926 to Ward'st of Pembroke.
  6. Was a Triton-class submarine, launched on the 25th October 1938.
    The vessel was lost on the 10th April 1940 when it was sunk.

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