Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Vulcan Foundry Ltd. 0-4-2T Works No.1161, Built 1885

5 ships have borne the name H.M.S.VENUS.

  1. Wae a 36-gun, fifth-rate ship, launched in 1758.
    In 1792 it was reduced to 32 guns and renamed H.M.S HEROINE in 1809, it was sold in 1828.
  2. Was a 36-gun fifth-rate ship captured from the Danish in 1807.
    Between 1809 and 1815 it was used for harbour service.
    It was sold in 1815.
  3. Was a 46-gun fifth-rate ship, launched in 1820.
    Between 1848 and 1862 it was lent to the Marine Society as a training ship.
    The ship wsa sold in 1864.
  4. Was an Eclipse-class protected cruiser, launched in 1895 and sold in 1921.
  5. Was V-class destroyer, launched on the 23rd February 1943.
    Between 1951 and 1952 it was converted in to a Rapid-class frigate.
    It was sold for breaking up in 1972.

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