Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

London, Brighton & South Coast Rly. A1 Class, 0-6-0T, Works No.79, Built 1880.

This locomotive was a member of William Stroudley's famous Terrier class of locomotives and entered traffic in July 1880 with the name "Minories" and was numbered No.79.
Between July 1880 and January 1918 the loco worked at numerous locations across the London & Brighton system. In January 1918 the loco was declared surplus to requirements and sold to the Admiralty for use at Invergordon for £1200, having a total mileage of 986,266.
In May 1919, it was transferred to W.D. Catterick Camp, after a brief visit, it was transferred to Chatham Dockyard in 1920. Upon its arrival at Chatham, it was named "CHATHAM No.4". It remained at Chatham until it was broken up in 1933. Latterly it had been supplying steam to a compressor near No.2 graving dock.

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