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Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co. Ltd. 0-4-0ST, Works No.1386, Built 1914.

Seven ships of the Royal Navy have been named H.M.S. CORNWALL.

  1. Was a 80-gun, third rate ship on the line built by Winter at Southampton and launched on the 28th April 1692. Between 1705 and 1726 it was rebuilt twice, firstly at Rotherhithe between 1705-06, and again between the 16th January 1722 and 17th October 1726 at Deptford.
    In 1755 it became a prison ship.
    It was taken out of service in 1760 and broken up in 1761.
  2. Was a 74-gun, third rate ship of the line built by Wells at Deptford and launched on the 19th May 1761.
    In 1780 it was badly damaged in action off Martinique, it was deemed unserviceable and burned on the 30th May 1780.
  3. Was 74-gun, third rate ship of the line, built by Barnard at Deptford and launched on the 16th January 1812.
    In 1859 it was loaned to the London Association for use as a juvenile reformatory school.
    In 1860, it was renamed WELLESLEY and moved to the Tyne to serve as a school ship.
    It was broken up at Sheerness in 1875.
  4. Was a 74-gun, third rate ship of the line built by the East India Company at Bombay Dockyard.
    When launched on the 24th February 1815, it was named H.M.S. WELLESLEY.
    In 1854, it became a harbour flag and receiveing ship at Chatham.
    In 1868 it was renamed T.S. CORNWALL.
    The ship was sunk by bombing in 1940.
    The ship's figurehead now resides just inside the main gates of Chatham Historic Dockyard.
  5. Was a 9,800 ton Monmouth-class armoured cruiser built at Pembroke Dock and launched on the 29th October 1902.
    In 1919 it was paid off early and sold for scrap on the 7th July 1920.
  6. Was a County class, heavy destroyer of the Kent subclass, built by Devonport Dockyard.
    It was launched on the 11th March 1926 and commissioned on the 8th May 1928.
    It was sunk by bombs from Japanese carrier aircraft, west of Ceylon on the 5th April 1942
  7. Was a Batch 3 Type 22 frigate, built by Yarrow Shipbuilders on the Clyde.
    It was launched on the 14th October 1985 and commissioned on the 23rd April 1988.
    It was decommissioned on the 30th June 2011.
H.M.S. CORNWALL was the name initially chosen for H.M.S HEIR APPARENT, a 74-gun, third rate captured from the Danish in 1807, but the name was not used.

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