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Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co. Ltd. 0-4-0ST, Works No.1286, Built 1914.

Eight ships of the Royal Navy have been named H.M.S. DEVONSHIRE, originally in honour of William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Devonshire, later, after the County of Devonshire [now called Devon].

  1. Was a 80-gun, third-rate ship of the line built by Wyatt at Bursledon and launched on the 5th April 1692, it was rebuilt at Woolwich Dockyard in 1704.
    The ship was lost, when it was blown up during the battle at the Lizard in 1707.
  2. Was a 3 deck, ship of the line, built by Ackworth at Woolwich Dockyard and launched on the 12th December 1710.
    The ship was hulked in 1740 and sold out of service in 1760.
  3. Was a 66-gun, third-rate ship of the line built by Woolwich Dockyard and launched on the 19th July 1745.
    The ship was broken up in 1772.
  4. Was a fire ship, purchased in 1804 and expended on the 3rd October that year at Boulogne-sur-Mer.
  5. Was a 74-gun, third-rate ship of the line built by Barnard at Deptford and launched on the 23rd September 1812.
    In 1849, the ship was placed in harbour service until 1869, when it was broken up.
  6. Was a 10,850 ton, Devonshire class armoured cruiser, built by Chatham Dockyard and launched on the 30th April 1904.
    On the 9th May 1921, it was sold to Ward of Barrow for breaking up.
  7. Was a County class, heavy cruiser, built by Portsmouth Dockyard.
    It was laid down on the 16th March 1926, launched, 22nd October 1927 and commissioned on the 18th March 1929.
    On the 16th June 1954, it was sold to Cashmores of Newport, South Wales, for scrapping.
  8. Was a County class destroyer, built by Cammell Laird in Birkenhead.
    It was laid down on the 9th March 1960, launched, 10th June 1960 and commissioned on the 15th November 1962.
    It was sunk by H.M.S. SPLENDID, as a target on the 17th July 1984.

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