Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Vulcan Foundry Ltd. 0-6-0T, Works No.1436, Built 1894.

The locomotive was originally allocated to the W.D. Tramway Shoeburyness. The garrision, gun ranges and other goverment establishments to the north and north-east of Shoeburyness were served by an extinsive railway system, known as the W.D. Tramway Shoeburyness, [WDTS].
Land was first purchased for experimental artillery ranges at Shoeburyness in 1849, by 1873, there was a large military establishment with the railway forming a integral part of it, in 1890,the tramway was extended to the so-called new ranges.
In 1905, the line was extended to Havengore Point with the tramway being carried over Havengore Creek, and in 1925, the line was completed to its present terminal.
In later years, the the southern extremity of the the tramway was at Shoebury Ness, on the shore of the Thames Estuary, about 3 miles from Southend, from here, the line ran northwards for 3/4 mile to Shoeburyness, where it served the barracks, and there was a connection with the London, Tilbury & Southend Railway.
Beyond this, the line came close to the shore again at Pigs Bay, and entered the area of W.D. installations. Within the W.D. Establishments, the line divided into two main branches, one ran parallel to the shore, and terminated at the mouth of Havengore Creek. A connecting line from this line, joined the other line near Wakering Stairs.
There was also a subsidary railway at Yantlett Creek, Isle of Grain, Kent. The W.D.T.S. was responsible for it and provided the locomotives.

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