Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

:R & W Hawthorn, Leslie & Co. Ltd. 0-4-0ST, Works No.3865, Built 1936.

The locomotive was originally allocated to Singapore Dockyard. Singapore Naval Base, began in the early 1920s, approval and funding for the start of exploratory work was given in 1923 and the site on the Johore Strait was selected, with clearence work begining, but by November 1923 the work had stopped. Work started again in November 1924.
By the end of 1925, there were just 7 Officers and 25 Ratings appointed for duties in Singapore.
The only vessels there, were a Fleet Fuelling Craft [C450] and a 60ft steam launch.
It was in 1936, that the steam locomotive was delivered new to Singapore Dockyard and given the number Yard No.10, at this time it was named SINGAPORE.
During the Japanese invasion of Singapore in 1942, the locomotive suffered some damage, before being taken into captivity along with Allied Servicemen.
The bullet holes can still be seen on the loco today. The locomotive, returned to the 1953 and was allocated to Chatham Dockyard, where it worked until it was sold in 1972. The locomotive is maintained as a working memorial to former Far East Prisoners of War and can be seen at the Rutland Railway Museum, Cottesmore, Oakham, Rutland.

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