Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Sharp, Stewart & Co. Ltd. 0-4-0ST, Works No.3419, Built 1888.
Vulcan Foundry Ltd. 0-4-0ST. Works No.1399, Built 1893.

Eight ships of the Royal Navy have been named H.M.S. VULCAN, after the God, Vulcan, of Roman mythology.

  1. Was a 8-gun, fireship, launched in 1691, and sunk as a breakwater in 1709.
  2. Was a 8-gun, fireship, previously the civilian HUNTER, purchased in 1739 and hulked in 1743.
  3. Was a 8-gun, fireship, previously the civilian MARY, purchased in 1745 and sold in 1749.
  4. Was a 8-gun, fireship, previously an American Merchantman, purchased in 1777.
    It was destroyed in 1782 to prevent its capture.
  5. Was a 14-gun, fireship, launched in 1783.
    It was destroyed in 1793 to avoid capture.
  6. Was a 10-gun, bomb vessel, previously the civilian HECTOR, purchased in 1796 and sold in 1802.
  7. Was a iron screw frigate, launched in 1849.
    In 1815, it was converted to a troopship.
    The ship was sold as the Barque JORAWUR.
  8. Was a torpedo boat depot, built by Portsmouth Dockyard and launched in 1889.
    The ship was converted to a training hulk and scrapped in 1955.
H.M.S. VULCAN, was to have been an iron paddle frigate, but was renamed H.M.S. BIRKENHEAD in 1843, before being launched in 1845.

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