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London Chatham & Dover Railway B1 154/1877

This locomotive was built by Neilson & Co. and purchased by the L.C.D.R. at a cost of £2,525 and was delivered in June 1877. When new as L.C.& D.R. No.154 the lomomotive was allocated to Battersea In October 1891, No.154 was transferred to Sevenoaks [Bat & Ball] Shed. After the formation of the S.E. & C.R. on the 1st January 1899, the locomotive was renumbered into the S.E. & C.R. List as No.613.

In October 1904, the locomotive was transferred to Ashford [S.E.R.] Shed to work the shingle trains from Dungeness to Dover where a section of the harbour was being reclaimed from the sea. In July 1913 the locomotive entered Ashford Works for the fitting of new 18in cylinders. When the locomotive returned to traffic on the 16th September 1913 it was transferred to Faversham.

On the 16th September 1913, S.E. & C.R. No.613 [L.C. & D.R. No.154] was transferred to Faversham Shed from Sevenoaks [Bat & Ball]. After the outbreak of the First World War, it was very briefly [dates unknown] allocated to New Brompton Shed [Gillingham], before being loaned to Chatham Dockyard for some months, after which it returned to Faversham Shed.

By early 1915, it was working for the Engineer's Department at Richborough. While in February 1917 it was supplying steam to the Boiler Shop at Ashford Works. Between 1917-1918, the locomotive could regularly be seen hauling explosives specials between Plumstead and St. Johns where the train was hauled forward behind a C class locomotive to Richborough. No. 613 would then bank the train from the rear until reaching Knockholt summit when it fell away returning Londonwards.

The locomotive entered Southern Railway stock at Grouping, but was not renumbered. The locomotive spent its final years at Faversham Shed working the Faversham Creek services until September 1924 when it was retired to the shed and employed in a stationary capacity until towed away to Ashford Works for breaking up in February 1926.

L.C.& D.R. No.155

L.C.& D.R. B1 No.155
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