Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Recent Works
In December 1986 the locomotive was withdrawn from service for its first 10 year boiler overhaul in preservation, which was carried out at the Historic Dockard, Chatham, by W.M.G.Hedges & Sons, [now Chatham Steam]. This involved the following work;
  • All bearings replaced,axlebox and coupling rod brasses replaced,along with new crosshead slippers fitted.
  • New internal bunker bottoms were fabricated and fitted.
  • The boiler retubed and painted.
  • All wheels were turned, to correct the wheel's profile.
At the end of its 10 year boiler certificate in December 1996, the locomotive was withdrawn from service and placed in store until 1999, when its second major overhaul began, with the locomotive returning to service in 2001. This work was carried out by Atkins at Swindon.
  • The front tubeplate was built up and 10 new rivets put in.
  • 5 throatplate stays replaced, boiler retubed and new smokebox door fitted.
  • All axlebox hornguides machined and refitted.
  • A new cab roof fitted.
At the end of October 2011, the loco was withdrawn from service for its 10 year boiler overhaul. This work is being carried out at the Historic Dockyard, Chatham, by members of the North Kent Industrial Locomotive Society. To read the report of her dissassembly for this overhaul, click here.
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