Chatham Historic Dockyard Railway

Recent Works

The restoration of this locomotive to working order, first began in 1976,the work being carried out at various locations until 2009 when the locomotive was moved to the Historic Dockyard, Chatham, and the restoration completed by members of the North Kent Industrial Locomotive Society.

The extensive restoration programme, included the following work;

  • The firebox was removed and refurbished.
  • New, boiler barrel, front tubeplate and tubes, along with a new smokebox and main steam pipe were fitted.
  • Replacement boiler fittings were sourced and fitted along with all new copper pipework, a new steam turret was also fitted.
  • All the locomotive wheels were re-tyred and fitted with new brake blocks.
  • All axlebox and rod brasses were replaced.
  • The cab and saddletank were replaced with new ones.
  • All of the locomotive's valve gear was refurbished or replaced, this included, the cylinders being rebored and valve faces machined, new valves, piston and valve rods along with new pistons and rings.
  • All the following steam equipment was aquired new and fitted, safety valves, clacks, injectors drain cocks, steam brake valve, and whistle.
  • The blowdown was repaired and reseated.
  • The regulator was overhauled and a new regulater handle made and fitted.
The locomotive re-entered regular service in October 2010.
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